[Bootstrap 3] Customize Popovers with HTML Content And Custom Width

Popovers on Bootstrap are a handy thing to display some extra informations without overload the screen. They can not only be placed in A tag or BUTTON tag, but virtually in every tag needed.

Here are some custom options for :

  • How to display HTML in a popover ?
  • How to dismiss popover on click ?
  • How to add popover on a tag other than <a> or <button> ?


tabindex="0"             // Increase compatibility
role="button"            // Increase compatibility
data-trigger="focus"     // Dismiss on click wherever in the page
data-container="body"    // Display stuff
data-html="true"         // Display HTML content
data-toggle="popover"    // Our stuff!
data-placement="top"     // Popover placement (top, bottom, left, right)

    <strong>Dernier évènement</strong><br><small>Répondu par <a href="#">Thomas</a></small>
        Ut occaecat exercitation incididunt tempor 
        sit nostrud anim esse. Consectetur sunt in officia 
        cillum fugiat duis deserunt est eiusmod sint 
        voluptate pariatur quis.
Popover with HTML in it.


  • Popover with custom width :

Simply add :

.popover { max-width: 100%; }

in your CSS !

such width!

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