[Atom][Visual Studio Code] Font Awesome Shortcut/Snippet!

“Font Awesome”: {         “prefix”: “fa”,         “body”: [             “<i class=\”fa fa-$2\” aria-hidden=\”true\”></i>”         ],         “description”: “Font Awesome template – just add the icon name!”     }   You then just have to type “fa” to have the Font Awesome default line to appear, and then fill the icon name.   fa <i class=\”fa fa-[HERE!]” aria-hidden=\”true\”></i> <i class=\”fa fa-chevron-down”Continue reading “[Atom][Visual Studio Code] Font Awesome Shortcut/Snippet!”


[jQuery][Datatables] Sort DataTables with a Select field

Javascript :   $(document).ready(function () { var table = $(‘#datatable’).DataTable({ dom: ‘lr<“table-filter-container”>tip’, initComplete: function (settings) { var api = new $.fn.dataTable.Api(settings); $(‘.table-filter-container’, api.table().container()).append( $(‘#table-filter’).detach().show() ); $(‘#table-filter select’).on(‘change’, function () { table.search(this.value).draw(); }); } }); }); HTML :   <p id=”table-filter” style=”display:none”>                                     Chercher:                                     <select>                                         <option value=””>All</option>                                         <option>Tag1</option>                                         <option>Tag2</option>                                         <option>Tag3</option>                                         <option>Tag4</option>                                     </select>                                 </p>                                 <table id=”datatable” class=”display tableContinue reading “[jQuery][Datatables] Sort DataTables with a Select field”

[Bootstrap 3] Customize Popovers with HTML Content And Custom Width

Popovers on Bootstrap are a handy thing to display some extra informations without overload the screen. They can not only be placed in A tag or BUTTON tag, but virtually in every tag needed. Here are some custom options for : How to display HTML in a popover ? How to dismiss popover on clickContinue reading “[Bootstrap 3] Customize Popovers with HTML Content And Custom Width”