[OS X] How To Enable Ctrl+Maj+Up And Ctrl+Maj+Down in Atom and Sublime Text 2 To Select Multiple Lines

One frustrating issue that I encounter every time I setup an OSX machine for development is that the very useful Ctrl+Maj+Down (and Ctrl+Maj+Up) keybinding to select multiple lines in Atom or Sublime Text doesn’t work out of the box.

Selecting multiple lines
Selecting multiple lines to edit them all in the same time.

This is because OSX already uses this shortcut for its Mission Control app.

  1. Go to Settings > Keyboard > Shortcuts > Mission Control ;
  2. Unselect the shortcuts (or bind another keystroke if you need the functions). Ctrl is the little ^ icon.
  3. And there you go, open up Atom or Sublime Text and it should be working.




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