How To Install XDebug on MAMP (OSX)

Xdebug is debugger and profiler that will prettify your errors by printing out stack traces in case of errors or exceptions, with a timestamp showing the duration of each step of the stack. There are a lot of benefits to have it activated, even on a production server, even more on your development environment. Here isContinue reading “How To Install XDebug on MAMP (OSX)”

Looking for a Server Administration Interface: Ajenti V

Few weeks ago, I entered the world of server administration when I’ve ordered my VPS at OVH. Since I already have skills in Unix systems, the load of work to administrate a server was by far, less than I’ve expected. Actually, it is pretty easy : install, configure and secure your Apache/MySQL/PHP stack, secure yourContinue reading “Looking for a Server Administration Interface: Ajenti V”